Professional photo shoots

There will be a full schedule of photo shoots over the weekend for SHERLOCKED UK: The Official Sherlock Convention

There will be some amazing photo shoots available, unique to this event, so keep checking back to find out when they go on sale. Individual photo shoots will be available, plus additional group or prop/set photo shoots, as soon as we can announce them we will.

The photo shoot schedule will be published here a week before the event in 2017, so you can plan your day.


Individual Photo Shoot Prices

Sian Brooke:  £25

Rupert Graves: £20

Una Stubbs:  £20

Jonathan Aris: £20

Lisa McAllister:  £10

Sacha Dhawan:  £15

Marcia Warren: £10

Louis Moffat: £10

Gordon Kennedy: £10

Debbie Chazen: £10


Joint/Group Photo Shoots

Holmes Children - Tom Stoughton, Indica Watson & Aaron Richards:  £20

Jonathan Aris & Rupert Graves: £45 (Sunday only)


Special Photo Shoots (Sets/Props)

Tilting 221b Living Room Photo Shoot:  £10

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